The Memories of Independence Day Holidays

Two years ago, I was an active user on, I am now working for a new web curation platform It is a new and exciting experience for me.

Yesterday I created a unique bag to share my memories of Independence Day holidays during past three years. It records the tracks of my career as well as my interests and activities. I now clearly see the fragments of these memories remixed into a big picture I call Curation Commons. The idea of Curation Commons is a dream that might change, but it reveals an exciting view toward the future. The process of building this bag has also inspired me to think what happiness is. Here comes its blog version.


In 2008, my girlfriend lived in New York, while I stayed in Houston. During holidays, I often flew to New York to visit my girl friend. In that time, I was an active user on During the Independence Day holiday of the year, I created the a slideshow called Fireworks Commons with photos under the Creative Commons license to share my experience.

This is not for a presentation — it is a story slideshow. By using CC-licensed photos, you can create amazing slideshows to express your emotions and opinions. In fact, this is web curation.


In January 2009, I married my girlfriend. She moved to Houston from New York in March. On the night of July 4, we went to watch fireworks together. During the holiday, we read the book Outliers together.

In July 2009, I was busy on the TEDtoChina project during my spare time. I designed pictures for the site by using CC-licensed photos, and required bloggers to republish their posts on the site.

Talent is Overrated

The main theme of the first week of the TEDtoChina site is the logic of success and the essence of effort. First, we introduced Pop!Tech, which is a conference similar with TED. Second, we published a review on TED speaker Malcolm Gladwell’s new book Outliers accompanied by a video of his speech on 2008 Pop!Tech conference. Third, we published another review on the book Talent is Overrated, which is related to Outliers.

Again, this is web curation. Designing and editing are part of Curation Commons.


In July 2010, my wife is seven months pregnant, and we are expecting a son in September. She has been in Houston for one and half years. We enjoy our life together and eagerly await the arrival of the new member of our family.

I have been working as an information architect and a user experience designer on BagTheWeb as my day job. The project remixes my day job and my leisure-time interests. By curating web creative contents, people can form a new layer of open contents based on original contents. This is not only a new tool but also a new approach to create the future of free culture.

What Happiness Is

One of my most favorites TED talks is Martin Seligman on three kinds of happiness: “The first path, positive emotion. The second path is eudaimonian flow. And the third path is meaning. This is the most venerable of the happinesses, traditionally. And meaning in this view consists of — very parallel to eudaimonia, it consists of knowing what your highest strengths are and using them to belong to and in the service of something larger than you are.

p.s. The below is the embeded bag, you can click its title to view the whole bag.

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