Say Everything Again

In 2009, Scott Rosenberg wrote a book titled Say Everything which covers the blogging revolution. Scott tells us the history of blogging and the stories of blogging heroes.

The social media landscape has changed tremendously in recent years. People said that blogging is dead just like the web is dead in 2011. A New York Times story says that blogging is on the decline, especially among young people, who are using social networks like Facebook instead.

A recent hot trend is content curation. As a content curation researcher, I believe that the “publish – share” model is not enough to describe the complexity of various content creation activities. I made a new analysis framework called web content creation spiral to capture the rise of content curation in 2011.

We saw the first group of blogging pioneers became new content curators. For example, Mashable, a personal blog media years ago, has become a powerful content curation machine.

The most interesting thing happened in 2012. Developers started a new revolution to reinvest almost everything of expressing online:

– Newsletters (tinyletter)
– Blog (Svbtle, Medium, Linkedin Influencers, Quora Blogs,
– Reader (Twitter as a Reader)
– Forum (,
– Chat rooms (
– Loading page (
– Self-publishing (APE, Lean Publishing)
– Teaching (MOOCs,, Hack Design)

The future of the new movable type is still unclear. But I definitely believe that it is time to upgrade Say Everything to version 2.0.

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