Curation Commons

Curation Commons is a long journey for me. I coined this term on July 10, 2010.

The idea of Curation Commons is a dream that might change, but it reveals an exciting view toward the future.

Version 1.0

At this version, the idea of Curation Commons is inspired by Creative Commons. I introduced eight approaches for making content curation happen on Feb 5, 2011.

On Sept 16, 2011, I released a new analysis framework to catch the rise of content curation. I believe the “publish-share” model is not enough to describe the complex of various content creation activities.

Version 2.0

In 2012 May, I was invited to speak at the 2012 China Education Symposium Annual Summit at Harvard University. The event was organized by a student run organization officially recognized by The Harvard Graduate School of Education. At the conference, I presented the idea of Curation Commons for Education.

I reorganized my thoughts on the concept of Curation Commons during the process of preparing the speech. I expanded my visual angle from content curation process to a wide a wide range of agendas. I offered a new framework to think the Curation Commons ecosystem. The framework includes the following six components:

1. Content Curating
2. Citizen Curators
3. Curation Tools
4. Community Engagement
5. Brand Commons
6. Curation Supportors

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