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The LEGO of The WEB

BagTheWeb offers a new way to democratize the information architecture of the Web for ordinary users. When user-generated links become as popular as user-generated content, the user crowd will become the editors of the Web. Consequently, the Web will become smarter with information islands connected by bags.

Basically, BagTheWeb not only creates a platform upon which people can organize information easily but also arranges information using an innovative approach known as relevancy linking. It moves beyond chronological order, classification, and folksonomy.

Bagging will soon become as common a Web utility as information finding, blogging, and information sharing are today.

BagTheWeb will make a significant impact on the Web by launching a new way to form inter-webpage relationships and enhancing the fundamental structure of Web linking.

Imagine a bag as a mirror of a part of your brain that expresses your thoughts. If we had a billion users, that will be the shared brain of the planet.

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